Welcome to DISCOUNT HEALTH USA, where participating providers and affordable discount health Programs provide an ideal solution to health care for companies, families and individuals.

Unlike most healthcare networks, DISCOUNT HEALTH USA is independent of health insurers. The founders realize that many people do not receive proper health care due, in large part, to financial restraints. Some companies are now providing alternative programs such as DISCOUNT HEALTH USA’s in order to save on the high cost of health services to their employees, many of whom had to do without proper health services.

Providers Nationwide!

DISCOUNT HEALTH USA represents many of the largest independent provider panels in the country. We also give the healthiest fee reductions - two to three times larger than most health service companies.

DISCOUNT HEALTH USA has positioned itself to be the most innovative discount health partners in the country.

Whether you are a small employee group or a large self-funded organization, we will customize a health program specifically for you. In fact, you'll help design it. We can even bundle ancillary services such as vision and prescription drug services with your dental program.