When you choose to become a member of DISCOUNT HEALTH USA, you’ll sense something is different. It starts with the peace of mind you get, knowing you have an independent choice about your health care needs. It’s also the assurance of knowing you have the ability to customize your healthcare programs, should you ever need them. Of course, there’s the dedication and commitment to excellence you sense when you’re treated by a DISCOUNT HEALTH USA provider.


DISCOUNT HEALTH USA empowers you to make choices in virtually every aspect of your medical care. Depending upon your health care needs, you have the ability to choose the provider. That’s what DISCOUNT HEALTH USA prides itself on…. freedom of choice. In addition, you can choose the options that are important to your lifestyle from a comprehensive group of health care programs and services.


At DISCOUNT HEALTH USA, our commitment is to the health of our members through the caring partnership of patients, physicians and medical professionals. We believe that through a partnership between patients and providers we can achieve the highest quality health care.

We're dedicated to offering every member quality health care that not only meets your expectations, but sets standards for caring, convenience and accessibility.

At DISCOUNT HEALTH USA we strongly believe that you are the beneficiary of potentially the largest quantity of good medical care for the least amount of dollars spent, be it from your pocket, your employer's, or a combination of the two.

Thank you for joining!